Where to go next with the turntable

I've been a long time owner of a Rega P7, and I feel like investigating an upgrade, I'm ot sure if I want to stick with Rega (P8 or P10) or try something else? Currently using a Soundsmith Zephyr MK III cart and Hegel V10 phono stage,

What I have now sounds good, but some more bass/warmth would be welcome. 


There always better table out there just come with the price, try mass loaded table will give more bass tighter like VPI classic with their gimbal arm. or try something else with suspension. I have both kind, at the end just the cartridge will get me the sound I like for different music taste .

TT have so many variables that need to work together for optimal...personally listening taste = chassis, feet, platter, motor, tonearm shape/design/material, unpivot/gimbal, too many to name for cartridges. A slight change in any part of the chain can make a difference to synergy of the system. Are you going to pick each part of the chain yourself or want a one-and-done set up? First - I would offer to go with a TT manufacture that has great support...can not emphasize this enough. Myself - I started as a "pick each part of chain type system. It resulted in a constant need to change this or change that; I was always tinkering. Over the yrs...ended up with a VPI...they have treated me very well; they stand behind their products. This time...my last & final TT purchase is a complete system deigned to work together from the get go. One of the biggest changes I noted was moving from a unpivot to gimbal design...wish I had done this first...so much simpler. The second was moving to an upgraded tonearm  = their "fatboy" tone arm which came with their own branded cartridge ( a rebranded Audio-Technica with some upgrades). The synergy of the tonearm and cartridge will likely have the most bang for the buck if you are only wanting to upgrade components and not an entire new TT.  The final thing I added was a ring clamp...mostly chosen to save on cartridge wear...but it too made a subtle difference. The system just works...works every time without having to tinker...built like a tank...simple & easy to use. I wish a could find the same setup for my digital side...always tinkering with that still. 

@OP, the Linn LP12 epitomises bass warmth - but you've had a couple of those. Given that and the fact that you've had VPIs, take a listen to a Technics SL1200G and the latest Regas to see if either floats your boat. The Technics has really excellent bass. It its a little grainy in the upper midrange but only in comparison to more expensive turntables.

if you want new TT, try technics SL1200G (GAE). DD system there pretty much the best you can get! Belt driven systems have significant speed fluctuations. Older restored Technics SL1000MK2/3 also are very good, EPA100 (MK2) arm can be dialed for specific cart. New SL1000R is nice, but pricey!