Where to go with Direct TV satellite feed?

I am new to home theater. I'm having difficulty with all the options in hooking up. Would someone please give me some advice. It would be greatly appreciated. I have a ws-55809 55" Mitsubishi tv, Yamaha RXV-3000 av receiver, hughes direct tv satellite receiver, RCA VCR, and a Toshiba 1600 DVD. Do I go from the sat receiver to the vcr or from the sat receiver to the tv with the cable feed? Or to the Yamaha? I want to be able to record the sat signal on my vcr. The Mitsubishi tv has a loop out for the antenna feed.
I'm not sure what to do. All the different manuals have me confused. Thank you for your help!
There are many ways to do what you want to do, but I would recommend the following:
1. Hook the S-Video (or composite if there is no S-video) directly to the TV. This will give you the best picture.
2. Hook the audio out (if you have digital and the yamaha has digital inputs use that--otherwise use the analog outs) to the Yamaha receiver.
3. Hook the RF cable out of the SAT receiver to the VCR.

This way the VCR can record off the RF signal, and it frees up the S-video cable to go directly to the TV.

As I said there are other ways of hooking it up. Some may make it easier to use than the one I've described above, but the one above should give you the best image quality for direct viewing (not taped viewing) and the best sound quality for direct viewing.
Great Tv. Never saw one but I had the "hots" for it. Nobody had one set up--so I went with a projector.Anyway #1 priority: get you a Direct HD box that has the ova tuner included. (OTA= for the local ch's in HD and free.)#2:Get you a Phillips Pro scan DVD player=399 on line.Does your box have component out? Whatever/ s-vhs/?: Your best video should go directly into the tv. They usually give you 2 s outs;you take one of the second s- outs and go to your vcr/ or your receiver.You take the audio out and that goes into the receiver. You can use the analog out (2 rca's) and go to the tv so you don't have to fire up the receiver/ just to watch the news. When you want to use the reciever for sound/just lower the tv's volume.Not knowing all about what you got and what your priorities are. You can email; me I'll give you my phone# I'll talk you thru.Geo
Hey folks, thanks for the prompt reply to my questions. Its really great to get professional advice from such a diverse audience. It will sure make this whole thing much easier to get through. Now, another question! I have 2 s video cables. One high quality Monster s2000 with the rf filter, and another cheap piece of junk made in china from rat shack. Which one should I use where? I would guess to use the better one from the vcr to the tv if if were to use the set up suggested by Abstract7. How about it guys? And Yes I will be e-mailing you George for some over the line advice. Again thank you so much for the help. This is going to be great. I think.