Where to insert tubes while running a Luxman SS integrated

I've recently upgraded my integrated amplifier from a Cambridge CXA81 to a Luxman l-507uxii.  The Cambridge is definitely not bad for its price, but the Luxman is a different animal and is making me want to upgrade everything else in my system.  Which brings me to my point of discussion: I'd like to insert tubes somewhere in my system to get some additional warmth and a more holographic soundstage.  Would adding a tube preamp and running the Luxman as only a power amp be best to do this, or would it be better to get a tube dac for my digital, and separately, a tube phono stage for my vinyl?


Thanks for your input. I’m currently running KEF R3s with a Pro-Ject X2 (Sumiko Moonstone cart) and a Bluesound Node 2i. However, I’d like to keep the Luxman and upgrade the speakers and sources. I’m thinking of moving over to the Tannoy legacy series, so any input based on that system would be appreciated. 

My journey only started a few years ago and have been gradually upgrading. The KEFs are nice compared to what I had before. Their imaging is probably my favorite aspect of them, but they can be harsh with poor recordings, which has become an annoyance. 

I would recommend you to get a DAC with tube output stage.

Either Lab12 DAC1 Reference or Aqua La Scala MKII. 

i understand the need now... luxman solid state into kef r3 will take no prisoners with poorly recorded music -- treble lives close to the bleeding edge

try to find one of these units on the used sites (the links are to already sold listings), they will preserve the musicality while dialing back the unwanted sizzle and bite

modwright modded cambridge cxn v2 tube output

mhdt tube buffered dac modded

any older model van alstine tubed dac on the used market (they are all excellent in performance and value)

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