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Small amp or all in 1 choice?
You could actually connect 4 speakers to a stereo amplifier in the same way we connect a sub with high level input to amp without pre or sub out. Two speakers connected by banana plugs and two speakers connected by spades/bare wire.   
Cables for BW 805D4, JC5, Prima Luna 400
I use Ricable Invictus Reference power cord, speaker cable and RCA cables. They synergize very well with my setup as they are neutral and liquid sounding. I tried Lab12’s cables (Signal Project really), Furutech, and Supra Sword, but they added to... 
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
@rischa  Truth be told, I have not heard a tube power amplifier. All the tube setups I have heard in showrooms, audio shows, and friends’ are all integrated. With the exception of lab12 pre1 and suara that I auditioned alongside Lab12 Integre4. T... 
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
4349s are sensitive speakers. 30+ watts of push pull tube goodness should be more than sufficient to drive your speakers to terrifying volume with room still to spare.  Since you don’t have a preamp, just go for integrated. The good ones in this ... 
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@nainghsy I have never used a preamp in any of my setups. But I did listen to Lab12 Pre1 with Lab12 Suara when I was auditioning the Integre4 MKII. To my ears the Pre1/Suara combo sounded pretty much identical to the Integre4, so I guess you could... 
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@nainghsy No, you can’t control the volume for DAC1 Reference from Windows. It’s an annoyance for sure. My other amp/dac Audionote Cobra can’t do that too. Just get a passive preamp I guess?   
15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume
A bit late to the party here, but I would like to share my workplace setup. I too had to deal with limited space but so far this setup gave me much enjoyment. Cabasse Baltic Evolution driven by Audio Note Cobra with built in DAC. The coaxial natu... 
Tube amp suggestions for Divine Acoustic speakers
I really would not want to try driving 89db speakers with just 2 watt as others have echoed.  A used AirTight ATM-1 or Leben CS660p would be good match. Brand new I would get a Lab12 Suono or Suara.    
How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?
My Lab12 Integre blew its fuse twice already, and I can assure you when I took out the damaged fuses there was no visual indication whatsoever on the damaged fuses. That's why it's handy to keep spare fuses around.   
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
Audio-gd Master 10 MK2.  Or JBL SA750 to match your speakers.    
Audiolab 7000A alternative with similar bass definition
Well, I see that UpscaleAudio is having a sale on Arcam SA30. It's just slightly under 2K brand new. It will fit your requirements.   
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@gryphongryph Well, if you have a Synergistic or Audioquest dealer nearby, why don't you just try auditioning power cords progressively from entry level to the highest end on the same amp/dac. And then you can decide for yourself.  But I do agree... 
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
The 100p is an excellent amplifier. I had listened to 300ix before and it seems that the Perreaux’s house sound is an attractive one if you like softer more romantic feel but still want good details, separation and PRAT.       
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
An update. Since I wrote this review, I have upgraded my speakers to a pair of Baltics. The cablings and cords have also been upgraded with a decent premium selection worth around 5000 usd. Interestingly, I also acquired an additional pair of Bal... 
recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)
Perreaux 300ix. Perreaux is truly underrated. I am rocking a Perreaux 100p for my workplace setup. My main setup uses Lab12 Integre4 MKII. Also no shortage of prat.