Where to Listen and compare

I live 30mi.North of Boston.
There seems to be No Hi Fi shops left other than going to a Best Buy.
Does anyone know of any shops  to go and listen and compare products.
There are so many products how does one choose?

Have you been to Montreal? From March 23rd through the 25th is the Salon audio fest. I've been to it and it's a big show with many manufacturers and dealers where you can listen to as many systems as you can stand until your head spins. So, great exposure.

Even, if there was a hi end audio dealer in your area, you would be limited to what they sell. The food in Montreal is also wonderful. Maybe, a road trip!
Goodwin's high end located right off Rt.128 in Waltham ma. Ask for Paul, tell him Jerry sent you....you will not regret the short drive.
+1 Regarding Goodwin's and Paul.

Lots of good options in the greater Boston area. Make sure you visit Fidelis in NH also.
You have Fidelis in NH, Natural Sound in Framingham, Blink High End in Boston and Goodwins in Waltham.  You are luckier than most to have 4 great stores within a 50 mile radius of you.
Wow didn’t know about the others
I have known about Goodwin’s. They are on my visit list. i would love to go the Show in Montreal but thats out.

Bstbomber you may want to do a weekend trip to NYC.

From your post it is unclear if you have a particular price level or level of sound quality you are interested in, however you will still find a wider variety of products available in the NYC area then almost any other part of the country.

For example for louspeakers:

1: Lyric Wilson, Focal, Golden Ear, B&W, Magnaplaner.
2: Innovative WIlson, Spendor, Dynaudio, Avalon
3: Rhasody, Magico, Rahido
4: Sound by Singer, Rahido, Harbeth

I know some of these brands are not shown in your area. 

Across the water in Jersey City

5: Audio Doctor: Kef, Kef Blade, Paradigm, Elac, ATC, Legacy, Dali, PSB, Rethem.

6: Futher in Verona NJ, Audio Connection,  Vandersteen, Proac, B&W 

Your tax savings alone would more than pay for the trip and good hotel on the Jesey City side which is 3 miles outside of NYC with easy access are $120 for a night. 

In your area, Natural Sound is a great store they have a wide range of gear.
Blink tends to be much more expensive. 

Goodwins tends to be more expensive reference brands they do have a few more affordable gems, but it is not their speciality. 

Our shop has one of the largest and most varied collections of audio gear on the East Coast, he have multiple brands at each price point.

In tems of starter electronics we have three brands starting at $1,000.00 for an amp: Rega Brio, Nuprime IDA 8, Nad C 368, and starting over $3k we have Naim, Mytek, Micromega, NAD, Nuprime and Anthem.




Hope this is useful

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ