Which allround speaker ?

I listened to a pair of Thiel CS2.4 yesterday, linked up to some fine gear (Pass Labs pre and poweramps and Musical Fidelity DAC and CD player), but I found them harsh and too revealing. But I loved their imaging, their punch/slam and detail.
But I'm looking for a speaker that would have me listen to all my cd's, and with the Thiels I'm afraid I won't be able to listen to 80% of my collection anymore.

Any suggestions for a speaker that would be more up my alley? I want an allround wonder that is fast, direct, detailed, with lots of bass punch, slam, but a little on the warm side, not too revealing and definitely not too bright/harsh.

P.s. I know lots of you don't find Thiels to be harsh, esp. when linked to first rate gear. But let's not get into that discussion. They're just too bright for me, and even if they're just nutral, the fact remains that many cd's could be tossed out the window, since I wouldn't be able to listen to them anymore...

Thanks for these new suggestions. Although I like both the PBN and the Silverline models, I don't think I will be able to find them here in Belgium, Europe. I tried to find who distributes them, but there simply is no distributor... Which is a bummer, 'cause I'd really would have liked to hear them both. Same goes for Merlin, btw.

It;s funny. Lots of people in the audio business over here tell me that US speakers are the best, but lots of US brands are simply not available here.

The (French) Focal Utopia might be an option, but I'll try the 1027/1037 Electra first.
And I will definately listen to the Sonus Faber Cremona, one of the best looking speakers out there imo, but I doubt whether it will be good enough with rock.
Another vote for the Montana EPS2. I have a pair of the original EPS speakers. They play all types of music well and are very efficient (93 db).
Vienna Acoustics sound like something worth checking out given your preferences. There are several models in your price range and they do all that you ask and then some. I find them detaled and precise with no hint of the harshness or etched sound you're trying to get away from I recently upgraded to VA Mahlers from Thiel 3.5s (which I did NOT think sounded at all bright or harsh) and have been stunned by the increased detail, clarity, and general musicality of the VAs. Everything I've heard from their line was impressive, musical, and non-fatiguing.
My EgglestonWorks Fontaines have, for me, the perfect blend of bite and warmth, allowing for extended listening to all sorts of recordings. Nearly every other speaker I've auditioned is too harsh for me. The Fontaines require a subwoofer, but the Andra, and so on up the line, while retaining the perfect blend of bite and warmth, would not.
If you want it all subtracting exactly what you say you don't want look at the Zu line of speakers.. If pricing is the key than the new Presence model is pretty hot right now.