Speaker Cable

What is a good speaker cable to run from ML 332 to Hales T8's? Thanks
Personally, I'm just dying to try the brand new MIT Oracle T4. I bet it's just awesome! Why not audition it from Joe at Overture (Delaware), or whichever dealer you prefer, and let us know what you think? I've had varying results with MIT speaker cables (the $80 T-3 is a world beater for even 4 times the price, and is better in many ways than my AudioTruth Dragon+, with Krell amp)...but MIT 330 Shotgun and 350 EVO interconnects are the best I've tried, and I've tried most all of them, including the other network type ones, from Transparent. If the Oracle speaker cable doesn't work, and you still need dynamics with a polite treble and "warm" midrange, you might consider Cardas Neutral or Golden Reference speaker cable. Or, perhaps Kimber Monocle/Bi-Focal/Tri-Focal. Good luck. Hope your room is treated.
Carl's right - I'm using MIT 750 series 3 and 330 shotgun interconnects and love em both. His recommendation of Overture is a good one also - they are heads and shoulders above any dealer I've dealt with and I've dealt with alot in alot of markets.