Which amp/preamp will complement khorus speaker

Hi, I have a set of talon khorus MkII's and I was wanting to know which amplifier/preamp would best complement the speakers. I am presently using Odyssey extreme mono's and Pass labs X2.5
Thank you in advance for all your inputs.
Not too familiar w/ Khoruses, but I have Hawks. If they are at all similar (and I don't know whether they are or not), I found the Pass Aleph 3 to be one of the best amps to match with this speaker. It's shortcoming, of course, is its low power. The Hawks like a lot of power. Given that the 2.5 is supposed to be somewhat aleph like during its first fwe watts, and then has a lot of power beyond, I would think it would be a good match.
There ae a lot of IFs there, I know, but it's the best I can do.

I love my setup, I was just curious to what other had exerienced with talon speakers and various amps. I think the term used around here is snergy?
I just hope I dont get the upgrade bug...lol
I used to have raven-c's & ran a Pass X250 which was quite nice however I think Talon recommends Sim, Edge & Belles, the high current types. Call Mike @ Talon he'll be most helpful.