Which cartridge do you use with the vpi classic?

I just recieved the classic and it totally improved the sound of my analog setup. This is one of the best buys in audio, it only took me half an hour to setup, maybe an hour total from opening the box to playing, this is great for those who just want to listen to great vinyl without the fuss.
I am using a denon 103r with incredible results, the phono stage is a JLTI, an audio experience preamp and sim w-5 amp with merlin speakers, one would think this is a million dollar system.
I highly recommend the classic.
Now would like to improve in the cartridge department.
I loved my Lyra Argo when I used it with the JLTI. The new Lyra Delos may be a
great option. The Argo replaced a Denon DL103R...after moving to the Argo I I
just couldn't stand listening to the DL103R anymore. The DL103R is good but
not anywhere near what the JLTI can do with a Lyra.
VPI recommends (and sells) both Dynavector and Grado carts. I use a Benz Ruby 3 with my VPI set up (not a classic though) and it is quite a performer and tracks very well.
I used a Dynavector 17D3 with a Sutherland Ph3D when I had my Scout and it was a GREAT match.
With my Aries 3 and 10.5i arm I use a Dynavector XX2 mkII with a Sutherland Hubble phono stage and am extremely pleased with the result. I'm using a gain setting of 55db and a 100ohm load.
I'm currently using a Benz ACE S HO through a Furutech AG-12 into the phono stage of a McIntosh MA6900. From my understanding most Benz carts mate well with VPI arms. I'm enjoying mine