Which CD player?

Hello, all.

I am looking for a (modestly priced) cd player to match with a Rogue Sphinx amp. (The speakers are the Kef LS50s and Dynaudio Excite x12s-- until I decide which I have a clear preference for/work better in my room).

I am thinking of matching the Rogue with the Sony SCD-xa5400es because it would be nice to have cd and sacd capability. Other players I have thought about are the Rega Apollo and the Oppo 95 (although I will only be playing cds -and possibly sacds- and not doing home theater in this system.)

Which cd player is likely to pair best with the Rogue amp? Any thoughts on cables and interconnects also welcome!

Margot, while I'm not personally familiar with Rogue amps, I am up on SACD players and hopefully can make some useful recommendations. Your Rogue Sphinx amp is an excellent piece of equipment and has won awards too. Since this is a two channel amp, you'll only be playing two channel SACDs. Do you have any desire or future interest in playing multi-channel SACDs? Something to think about. I happen to love multi-channel SACDs with music coming at you from all sides!!! Of the mid-fi more budget SACD player manufacturers are Denon, Marantz, Sony, Oppo Digital and Pioneer. Most of these players are probably universal players including Blu-ray and standard CDs of course.

I use the Marantz UD5005 universal player for my multi-channel SACDs into an Integra surround sound processor via HDMI powered by a Rotel RMB-1555 five channel amplifier @ 120 Watts/Ch/8 ohms all channels driven. It's also a Blu-ray DVD player and standard CD player as well. Sound is superb for the price at approx $600.00. Oppo is another great suggestion. They all play two channel SACDs of course and some multi-channel. Multi-channel is accomplished either using 6 analog interconnects out from the player into the processor/receiver or HDMI connection. I'd stick with Marantz and Oppo Digital. Hope this helps.