Which CDP Provides Weighty Presentation $2k ?

I'm looking for a Solid State player for up to $2k Used that provides a weighty presentation in various systems (not heavily system dependent in performance). Looking particularly for weighty midbass and bass. (no leanness-not thin or light weight) There are many terms that fill in this sonic picture: low end grunt, heft, fullness, bass weight slam and extension; but I don't want rolled off or muted highs. I currently have a Jolida JD 100 and Sony Modwright 999ES.-Hydra 4, AZ IC's and speaker wire, DK Signature -Remimer Wind Rivers

I'm looking for a player with:

1. fullness/palpability
2. weight in midbass
3. weight in low bass
4. clean high end (not rolled off)
5. in other words,extended at the frequency extremes

Thanks for your feedback.
I've been quite happy with my Cary 303/300 over the last year-plus. I have some hearing loss at 500Hz, and the CD player still sounds balanced to me, so I think it's safe to assume it's pretty robust on the low end. Note that although it has both SS and tube output, I only use the SS output. The tube out is richer and smoother, but I'm more of an accuracy kind of guy.

With the 306 SACD player out, this player has dropped to about $2k over the last several months. I even saw one last month go for something like $1850.

Good luck.
Why not just buy a Dac? The ECD-1 has this sound. So does the Paradisea Dac for less than half its used price(maybe not quite as extended though in upper frequencies) but well balanced none the less. The ECD-1 is probably what you're looking for..try to hear an Emperical Audio modded version if you can. Does everything you ask for in spades!!
Audio Research CD2 would fit your criteria. Absolutely not thin or lean. Very extended and not bright. Bass is awesome. Lays out an excellent soundstage.
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