Which component for the first Synergistic Research Purple fuse

I was wondering if I was to use conventional advice and change one fuse at a time, which would be the best order to proceed if I had the following components:

-Music server


-Tube Linestage

-Power Amp

Please share your thoughts on the best place to start


Power amp. That is where I have heard the greatest improvement. Another reason to start there, this will be the largest amperage fuse. So in case you have other components where it will fit you can try it there as well. 

The usual fraidy cats will run around screaming the sky is falling. But it is just to try. If your DAC or preamp threatens to blow a fuse every time you turn it in just maybe you have other things more important to be worried about.

Alternatively, thinking along the same lines, if there's a value and size that could be used in the DAC, server, or line stage, do that, and then you can try and find out for yourself.