Which frequency to adjust if voices/mids give me a headache.

I just picked up an NAD M10 v2 and two sets of speakers (Wharfedale 4.2 and Lintons to try).  I know I'm really sensitive to mids/highs (not sure which).  Voices seem to bother me. I've done Dirac room correction and both sets of speakers still bother me a bit.  These are not bright speakers I know.  

Within Dirac I can adjust some frequencies and then save to the M10.  What frequency should I target first and any thoughts on how many db I should adjust? 

Btw - never had any issues with Diamond 225 speakers.  But I'm ready to upgrade. 



@erik_squires Good question.  I'll listen later and see which voices are the most bothersome.  The room does have a lot of hard surfaces but I've had this problem all my life no matter what room. 

@newbee Thanks I'll try adjusting those frequencies.  


@wrecked I'm sensitive to high frequencies also.If you Google "frequency chart for instruments" several bar graphs will pop up that show where instruments and vocals fall along the frequency range.That should help narrow it down.

It’s the amp dirac can not fix it the m10 has a digital a amp that sounds clean yet thin we sell the m10 and that us how it sounds listen to a n aim Ampang you willbe shocked at the difference



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@audiotroy the NAD M10 V2 is a PurFi Class D and is not a digital integrated amplifier.  Come on Man you're an NAD Dealer??