Which is a better? SME M2-9 or Hadcock 242

I am seriously considering a new tonearm but am not sure between the SME M2-9 or the Hadcock 242.
I am in a similar situation considering different tone arms around the same price range. I have not heard either one, but since no one else seems to answer, here are some suggestions. These are very different arms you are looking at, a fixed bearing vs. a unipivot, and any choice would very much depend on the cartridge. Also, you might want to post your cartridge and turntable choices, since the arm choice will strongly depend on both.

There have been a couple of posts over at Audio Asylum about the M2; overall the impression of the M2 was not very good. The Hadcock on the other hand seems to get better feedback. Another excellent and very versatile unipivot arm I would consider is the Moerch UP4.

Also, you might try posting on the Vinyl Asylum. My last analog related post tan on both and I get many more helpful answers over there. Seems like analog is dying out on Audiogon :((

Good luck,

Hi Rene

I have not heard the M2, but both the Hadcock and Morch UP4 are excellent performers. I chose the Morch UP4 over the Hadcock as Morch has a number of different mass arm wands available for both their UP4 and UP6, allowing you to run a wide variety of cartridges.

Sonically I’d be happy with either.