Which is Uglier?

Help me settle a bet:

Talon Khorus Mk II or Vandersteen 5 (or 5A).

This is a beauty contest gentlemen. It is about looks, and nothing else...

I have never wrapped my head around Vandersteen, are they trying NOT to sell speakers????????
I beleive Richerd's theory is sound first then everthing else. I have listened to the 5's and think they are probably the best I have heard. Granted I have not heard Wilson's, the high dollar Dali's and so on. 5's are pretty ugly, not as ugly as the 2's and 3's but, when I am in the markert for a new addition to my system, sound is ultimately what I base my decision on. If I get both sound and looks that is just a bonus. I would rather have someone say "Wow, that sounds great!" than "Wow, that looks great! (but thinking it looks like hell)".
The 5A's make beautiful music. Just don't look them in the eye--they ugly! I vote the Vandy,
I never thought the Wilsons and Dali were the end all be all, they both are without a doubt well made and sound good, but there is a premium to those that to me are not worth it, but I would love that kind of money to throw around!
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