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Hats off to Seasick Steve
I really like this Seasick Steve and I am going to buy some of his stuff. Yoiu may also like The Brokeoffs, who's lead singer now performs with Holly Golightly. 
smallest footprint cd player
1980's Sony CD Walkman 
Making the best of mediocre speakers
Choose one: A. Find another "wife." - "Is it you that wants the in-wall speakers?"B. Find another hobby. 
Speaker cable with crazy BASS ??
Swampland in Florida.... 
Suggestions for first hifi system
It doesn't matter at this price point. Any respectable brand of cable/wire/power cord will do at your level. Buy some more music. Check out some indie stuff at CDBaby. Upgrade your CDP then speakers when you have the green. 
First Post - The Long Road Back - Warning: Lo-Fi
If you like what you have, then why bother? 
Linn Classik Movie, dvd problem
You bet, Ctchen! Rock on!B 
Linn Classik Movie, dvd problem
Did you clean the lens? 
B&K Noise
The punk band Crass
I am also a big fan of Crass. I used to blast their albums when I was a kid living in nowhere Alabama. I was completely oblivious to their politics (and somewhat still am, although by choice). I would also listen to (and still do) Flux of Pink Ind... 
ATL Record Show Mar 18
See you there. 
BACH Cello Suites - CD only
Rockadanny,Search for thread # 1134519047 here at audiogon. I asked the same question about one year ago. =] Brad 
Any High End Audio Newsgroups out there anymore?
You might this interesting: 
Top 5 Song Writers Of The 80's
Dawgbyte, Check this thread out: Spot-on list!!!!Brad 
Small digital recorder - experiences?
I used one of these: to record therapy sessions for use in grad school presentations (I got written permission from my clients). It comes with software that allows you to download it to a ...