Which Outputs from a CD Player?

Is there any difference in the sound from the Balanced Outputs and Optical and RCA Outputs on your CD Player?
Absolutely! I just posted a question above in this forum about hesitation in upgrading my Primare CD31 due the preference I have for its balanced analog outputs vs the digital.

Although the balanced analog out has a slightly higher noise floor, it's much less analytical and has much, much more bass and mid-bass, which I consider to be a good thing with my Magnepans.

For reference, my primary system components are:
Primare CD31
Peachtree Audio Grand Pre
Bryston 4BSST2
Magnepan 3.6R
Have not done exhaustive comparisons but I have not found major differences in balanced, coaxial and RCA outputs. The output level from the various outputs a tad different needing adjustment via my DAC or integrated amp that has the ability to adjust input levels for each component. Thus making for a better test. Louder usually sounds better to most folks, so matched levels present a truer picture.

The biggest benefit I have found is that my cd player, which I consider pretty good, is that I can feed two or three separate systems. Sending the feed to the pre amp/amp or DAC that can make the best use of it. The convenience over shallows what sonic improvements I hear or think I hear. But as it is said, your results may vary.