Which speaker for 30 watts amplification at $1000?

I like the look, size and price of the following speakers and am considering to match with my Pas XA30.5. I am looking for speakers that are easy to drive, have no front grill mounting holes, are relatively short (38" or less), have small footprint and have nice wood finishes all for in and around $1000 new or used.

Monitor Audio RS6 or RS8
Meadowlark Kestrel2

Any thoughts which would be best for Rock music?
A used pair of Proac Response twos perhaps? Many rockers enjoy the ballsy capabilities of a used pair of Response twos. They are definitely not 'prissy' high-end speakers and would likely respond well to the Pass.
Thanks for the Proac recommendation, they have holes all over the face and was looking for a cleaner looking speaker. Sad to say aesthetics has a play in the decision, but thanks.
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