Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?

Cones vs Electrostats vs Ribbons Can we all somewhat agree that the speaker is the most important component in our system? We are all familiar with the cone driver. Has the old tech cone(mid/high) driver reached its potential zenith? Does the electrostats have the potential to become more efficient? Size less overwhelming? As well will the prices ever become reasonable? And last will the new tech(mid/high) ribbons become the choice drivers for high fidelity music reproduction for the new century? All comments are well appreciated.Thanks
I throw everyone a curveball, or nearly everyone.... I vote that the speaker for the 21st century will be the successful development of the hypersonic speaker. Prototypes exist and work, but not to the performance needed. When the science figures it out, it should theoretically be the best speakers available.... It is based on the physics that when 2 musical frequencies are played, each tone is played, as well as the sum and difference of the two tones. Therefore, if we have 1 speaker playing at say 100,000 Hz, we'll never hear it. If we have a second playing at 100,002-120,000Hz Range, the additive sound is also silent to the human ear, but the difference should give one a 2-20,000Hz range.

The difficulty w/ most drivers is that they need to play from 20-20,000Hz, or a span of 100,000% of minimum frequency. Entirely too much to handle w/ 1 driver. If we now make a driver that plays from 100,002-120,000Hz, we only need to make a driver capable of 20% over minimum frequency... The should be MUCH easier to therefore accomplish the entire audible frequency range w/ 1 pair of drivers....

Cheers all.
Maybe i am one of only a few who has never heard of that design, but it sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
hell I never thought I would be listening to tube and high efficancy speakers in 2002 .Have owned dynamics planars ribbons and electrostatics.But there is a magic to a set amp and a horn speaker that must be experanced in your home to be beleaved.try it before you diss it
Since 90% of classical (and others) music is in the midrange. And since ATC makes the best midrange. Then the 21st midrange is the ATC's. In woofers the winners are the Seas and Skaaning. There are many very good dome tweets out there. The Hiqulaphon at like 160/pr stands out for value. There are many good ribbons as well , Raven ESg Philips.
If 90% of music is in the midrange, then why not use a great single driver speaker? Keep studying Tweek, you will eventually find out that I have been right all along.