Which sub 200 usd DAC if using an integrated amp?

Hi! I would like to start by asking for your patience here as I am just a beginner in Hifi... but I am really willing to learn :)

I am thinking of ordering a DAC from AudioEngine named Audioengine D1. It is equipped with AKM4396, a sought after DAC chip.

However, I only have integrated amplifier. So it means the signal from my hard drive basically need to run through 2 pre amp (one from the DAC, one from the Inte Amp). Is it a bad thing and how will it affect sound quality?

Should it buy a HRT Music Streamer for 150 usd instead? It does not have volume control but it using PCM1793 D/A chip, supposedly inferior to AKM 4396.

Thank you very much for reading the post! I am really looking forward for your help!
I'm not familiar with the Audioengine D1 other than reading about it on their site and it's not clear there whether the volume control is just for the headphone amp or affects the RCA outputs, as well. I'm sure a question to their support staff would clear that up. Even if it does control both outputs you could turn the volume control on the D1 all the way up, effectively taking it out of the signal path, and control the volume with your integrated.
Many will tell you that the chip used is less important than the implementation. I haven't seen any reviews of the Audioengine DAC, but the HRT is very well regarded. Another excellent, very low-cost alternative, IMHO, is the Behringer UCA202 (which you can get for around $30). It measures well and sounds great in my office system.
The D1 controls volume level of sound via analog outputs as well as the headphone output. I just got one last week to use on my desktop with A2 speakers. It sounds great and works flawlessly. I've also used the HRT for this, and it's also great. I don't think you can go wrong with either under $200. Both companies make very nice products.
Have you looked at the emotiva they have on special? I was VERY pleased with the results.
It also has a vol control, but when run wide open, it effectively takes it out of the mix as previously mentioned.

One other reason I would suggest this unit is the remote/switch setup it has.

If someone is thinking about upgrades down the road, they could use this as the preamp also. If you use a tuner, there are 30 dollar insignia HD tuners on ebay right now with digital outputs. In effect, you could have a complete digital system this way by purchasing a power amp.
If your source will be a computer, then yes, asynchronous DAC like the HRT Streamer II will outperform a non asynchronous DAC, like the Audioengine.
I'll give another plug for the Emotiva XDA-1. Since I've had mine, I've only compared it to the internal DACs of a couple of different NAD Pre's, a V-DAC II and a DacMagic. I much preferred the sound of the music from the XDA-1. It may very well be the king of the inexpensive DACs at $250, shipped.

It also leaves alot of room to grow, with two coax, two optical and a usb input. I really think that you'd need to spend a lot more money to get better.