Which tube monos? So many choices.Very intimidated

I am a newbie to this tube amp world and I am currently running solid state Simaudio Moon amps and seperate P-5 pre into Wilson Watt Puppy 8's. The source is a Mac based system running through a Wavelength Cosecant DAC Numerator V3 with some nice Transparent Musicwave Ultra cables and decent ints. Looking for that mono tube nirvana I have been reading about in the forums and reviews. The more reviews the more confusing it gets to the point that I have reached paralysis by analysis. I am considering these in the mix. My speakers are 92db sensitive so I think maybe Lamm ML2 or 2.1 or Ml1.1 , Joule Marquis 100, Art Audio Jota monos, the list is endless. I enjoy reading the forums. Some of you out there really have some teeth when it comes down to slamming some posts. Be gentle with this one. I am learning as I read.
Cheers and thanks for the read.
You will probably need 50-70W/ch.The VAC Ren Series mated very well with the WP.I would think that the Lamm ml2/2.1 may end up being a little soft.Being in the SS camp,I would think that a push-pull tube output stage would be less of a transition.My friend went to the ML 2.1 and complained about the "lack" of top-end.Went back to pu/pull-no problems.
Any chance of auditions? You are looking to drop a good dime.You might contact the manufacturers and explain your dilemma.Many will offer a demo or hook you up with a dealer willing to accomodate.Happy Holidays!
Hi Thedubemaster,

Always glad to meet someone else interested in the wonderful ways in which tubes honor the music. The output-transformer-less Atma-Sphere amps work very well with Wilson Audio speakers. Within the Atma-Sphere line, the MA-1 amps will be a very good match. While many people run the Wilson Watt Puppies with the somewhat lower output M-60 amps, the Wilsons have a challenging impedance curve for which the MA-1 is a better ultimate match.

Best wishes in your explorations!
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I've tried a number of different amps with Wilson speakers and find that higher-current amps work the best. The Lamm Hybrid M1.2's should be on a short list, along with the robust ARC 210 mono's. The Atma-sphere models have amazing transparency but give up a little low end control to give you that. The Stereo VTL Siegfried might also be a consideration depending on budget. I had tried the 90W Lamm ML 1's (single ended) with the WP's and found the sound a bit soft and slowed down--stick with the hybrids in that family. I know the BAT VK 150 SE's have shown frequently and favorably with the 7's and 8's as well.

Good luck!
The impedance of the 8's drops to 2.2 ohms at 77Hz; the Joules don't like to see anything below 3ohms. I think this might eliminate the Joules as a good choice.
FWIW the 2.2 ohm figure is not a problem for any tube amp because it is at higher frequencies and is not broadband. Its actually more of a problem for transistors that make too much power into that impedance!

The rising impedance at low frequencies also makes the speaker a good match with OTLs. Our local dealer demos his Wilsons with Atma-Sphere M-60s.

The National sales manager for Wilson used MA-1s for years on his Watt/Puppy 8s before getting the Maxx and eventually a set of MA-2s. Soundstage said (with MA-1s):

No matter what the reason, this system was one of the very best I've heard anywhere.

It's worth a lot!! I've shied away from Watt Puppies and others thinking the Joules would have problems. Thanks for the information/education.
Hello Thedubemaster,
Welcome to the world of tubes;I would pay attention to the reply from Atmasphere and Rushton;if you are not familiar with Atmasphere; I personally believe he is one of the top pre amp/power amp tube manufacturers in high end audio that offers excellant advice and recommendations in these forums.
I would like to thank all of you for your input on this. I checked the virtual systems and it seems the BAT 150 SE was a good choice even by the Wilson website. The amp I think I will try first is the Atma-Sphere MA-1. If the marketing director was running his 8's and then his MAxx3 with them they must be a good choice. I am going to try to listen to as many as I can but our selection here is by no means vast. The McIntosh 2301 I have heard and they do sound good. Only had a 1/2 hour listen though so not long enough.Cheers
I would add the Rogue monoblocks to your list. I've heard several different tube amps and I think they sound superb and are a great value in the hi fi world. I would suggest the Apollos if you can swing em. That's what I'm running.