which TV audio out? headphone mini jack or optical, thru adapter to RCA input on amp?

not sure if I can even use a headphone jack to a line in on my amp or would it damage something?

I wonder how good the optical out thru an adapter to RCA would sound?

my question is: which is likely to sound better?


I am not sure if you are referring to a RCA/coax digital in on your "amp" or an analog in. And are you actually going direct to the amp?
If so by all means use the headphone out to a RCA splitter adapter as the TV will serve as the pre-amp. 

theo, my integrated amp is a Marantz PM8004, it has all analog RCA inputs

tls49, exactly the info I needed

thank you both

Just be sure the optical out of the TV can be set to "PCM" and isn't fixed to Dolby Digital.
   From the FiiO TAISHAN-D03K  description: "....The input will accept up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution PCM digital audio, but Dolby Digital and DTS are not supported."

Otherwise, you'll need something more expensive like this:
After 4 days the Fiio D03K is starting to come into it's own and sounding pretty good with a nice open quality and decent clarity.

Thanks again tls49!