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Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker crossover capacitors ... who makes them?
Hi Bill,It was great that Robert Lee replied to your emails. What insight did he give for upgrading the crossover?Can you give an executive summary of the sonic differences between: Harbeth 40.1, stock AZ Cresendo and the modified AZ Crescendo? 
which TV audio out? headphone mini jack or optical, thru adapter to RCA input on amp?
Just be sure the optical out of the TV can be set to "PCM" and isn't fixed to Dolby Digital.   From the FiiO TAISHAN-D03K  description: "....The input will accept up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution PCM digital audio, but Dolby Digital and DTS are n... 
Convert Sony blu-ray player Coaxial to RCA
First check if the Blu-Ray player has an option to output digital PCM. If it only outputs Dolby Digital, you'll need something like the Gefen GTV-DD-2-AA. No idea how the Gefen sounds. Or you could purchase an Oppo 103 which has analog RCA outputs... 
How to convert TV optical output to XLR
First check if the TV has an option to output digital PCM. If it only outputs Dolby Digital, your DAC will need to support the format or you'll need something like the Gefen GTV-DD-2-AA. No idea how the Gefen sounds. 
the greatest pop song ever?
"Mah Nà Mah Nà" - the song made famous by Sesame Street. 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
You are forgetting one of the Greatest Live Albums Of All Time! 
Cable Stress Relief
I ended up cutting a piece of thick foam padding (that you often see in packing material) and it is providing support to my power cable. I'm thinking of cutting the foam padding in half and adding a few layers of sorbothane and then gluing it back... 
Your favorite album cover...
Reminds me of the classic Battle of the Album Covers video. 
Best bourbon?
Picked up a bottle of Widow Jane which is finished with water from the Widow Jane limestone mine. Very smooth. 
Set-Up Advice for Vandersteen 1Cs
I drove a pair of Vandersteen 1cs (and later a pair of Vandy 2ce sigs) with a 100 Watt McCormack DNA-0.5 with excellent results. They go for about $650 used. 
Audio Refinement Complete 'a' Integrated preouts
On the "alpha" version of the Audio Refinement Complete integrated amplifier, you have to hit the "AMP" button followed by the "STOP" button to activate the pre-amp outputs. A relay will click and you'll see a faint blue light under the front of t... 
Best bourbon?
My new favorite bourbon is Angel's Envy which is finished in port wine casks. Read a review here. Goes for about $45. 
Matching amp to modulus 3B and vanderstein 2ce
Do you have the Vandersteen 2ce or the 2ce Signatures? If you have the older 2ce's, you might get better value upgrading to the 2ce Signature I's or 2ce Signature II's. I have an Audible Illusions L1 and Vandy 2ce Signature II's and the McCormack ... 
McCormack DNA .5 vs 1, after revisions...
I own a McCormack DNA-0.5 and a DNA-1 rev A+. The DNA-0.5 is a great sounding amp at its price point, but it does have its limitations. It has good bass response, sweet highs, and is very easy to listen to, but can run out of gas with complex orch... 
McCormack DNA 0.5 vs. Parasound HCA 2003
I haven't heard the 3A sigs in a while, but Richard Vandersteen has been continually modifying them without changing the model number. If your pair is less than one year old, it could have the same drivers as the 5A and would be more revealing tha...