Which Would You Choose?

My System

NAD M12 Preamp with HDMI/BluOs modules

Parasound Halo JC5 Amp

Arcam DV79 DVD/CD

Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers

Sunfire HRS 10 subs X 2

Audioquest NRG Z2 power cords

Silnote Morpheus Reference Series II XLR

Audioquest Pearl 48 HDMI cables

Audioquest Greyhound sub cables

Aircom S8 cooling unit for amp

Monster Power HTS 3600 MKII

Mogami 2921 speaker wire/bi wired


You all know the desire to improve your sound. Thinking of switching amps again.

Rotel Michi S5


Music Fidelity M8s-500s



axpert, I just wanted to make a correction for you, OCC single crystal copper is 6n's not 7n's, The silver OCC is 7n's.


@jetter you cannot seriously tell us that anything under 10K is not junk

Absolutely I do think so.

Without doing much thinking, a new Pass xa25 is about $5K.  A set of the new Clayton Shaw Caladan speakers are around $3.5K.  Quicksilver mid monos are $2K a pair as are their preamps.  There are the Schiit products mostly in the $2K and under range.  These are new prices, about half for used.  Many, many others.  In my world these are not junk.

That said, what I tried to put across is that those of us with less expensive systems are having a ton of fun owning and listening to our systems.  And someone asks for a little help with his system which he probably is proud of and some pompous ____ tells him he needs a whole new system.  Not cool.  



yep…. especially IF you get a nice monoblock pair with SHORT speaker cables… As noted the Quicksilvers can astound ….. 

Have fun, enjoy the music and the journey 

I own the Michi 8 mono blocks and couldn’t be happier. Read the Fremer review in one of the magazines. He compared it to his ($170,000/pair) darTZeel NHB-468s

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