Who Do You Credit For Getting You Into This Hobby?

I didn't know which forum to post this in so I hope it's alright to have done so in "Speakers".

When you look back over this obsessive hobby of ours, who do you give credit for helping you take the plunge? I am extremely grateful to Albert Porter and John Fort, who were salesmen at Arnold and Morgan (Dallas) in the mid-to-late 70s (I believe Albert might actually have been the sales manager), and spent a lot of time with me to assist in finding the best system for my tastes and budget. They also treated me the same as their male customers, and never made me feel like the minority (female) that I was in this particular hobby. Their love of the hobby was infectious, and I quickly became enamored with the quest for getting the sound right. That first small system was comprised of a middle-of-the line Yamaha receiver (1977), Yamaha speakers, and a Dual turntable. I still own the Dual turntable and have kept it for its sentimental value. It is currently not in use although it is still operational almost 30 years later.

So, thank you, Albert Porter and John Fort, for taking the time to help me all those years ago. It's also evident here at Audiogon that Albert continues to help all of us as we pursue this endeavor, a few of us much older than when we originally began the journey.

D_Edwards or Cinematic_Systems or "The Audio Fascist"

His only requirement was that I be willing to think "against the grain" and be willing to come to my own conclusions based on first hand knowledge and applicable experiences.

Guess thats why I'm in such isolation all by myself when it comes to audio. :)
Loren Yuan...Audio Consultants - Libertyville, Illinois.

Back around 1987 he showed some kid (me) who couldn't even drive yet some Martin Logan Sequals (original not he mk2). Most hi-end guys seem to ignore the young guys (since they don't have money and probably no sale). Loren had the right idea...get 'em searching for the audio grail young and they'll be back when they have money!

I couldn't believe what I heard. It actually sounded like real intruments in the room with me...(much better than the the Fisher and Radio Shack speakers with the 15" woofers that me and my buddies were interested in at the time :o)

I was hooked! Throughout the years, Loren still gives me great advise about audio and electronics (theoretical and real experience) some great discussions and debates...as well as recommending some really good spots to eat!

Mike Kay
Wonderful thread, Mary. Great stories about people's dads, too.

I credit Kieth Smith, old friend and drummer of our band from years gone by. Kieth had a friend who had Phase Linear and Advent. Our keyboard player had Dynaco and Sherwood. Later, Kieth's friend got some ESS Heil AMT 1's. All this stuff sounded terrific to me: our family had a magnevox (sp) console. Kieth and I worked the graveyard shift at Kroger. One night at work he said "you've got to hear these ESS bookshelves, the Tempests". So, after a midnight to 8:00 a.m. shift we hopped in his pickup and drove from central Ky. to Huntington WVa to hear them (forget the store). When I got home, I ordered a pair from, I think, Wisconson Discount Stereo. Used Kieth's Sherwood to drive them until I got a Luxman L-80v. This was in '78. Still use that amp. My Spica TC-60's now sit atop my old ESS's, separated by some rubber stoppers I swiped from the Chem. dept. at work. Those old Tempests make good stands, the passive radiators having long-since rotted out. Thanks, Kieth.

Steve O.
At a high school house party in 1976, a guy brought his speakers, turntable, and Dynaco kit tube amps to provide music. I was immediately bowled over by the sound, and I've been hooked ever since.
Stanely Clarke - Working in an early warehouse concept store (Standard Sales) when I was 16, they had a small room off the main showroom floor with stereo equipment. I was always deeply into music, but not hi-fi at the time.

I was helping the sales guys move some equipment in the room when a gentleman came in for an audition with a single LP in hand; Stanley Clarke's School Days. The salesman fired up the album on the ESS AMT-1B's, and my face fell on the floor.

I took home the store catalog and poured through the stereo equipment every night, like a kid with a newfound Playboy. My first system was a Kenwood receiver, Dual turntable and Marantz speakers. I stared at the gorgeous panel of that Kenwood receiver for months on end. For their day, those Marantz speakers were very well respected, and the sound from that system was spectacular!

The rest is history.....