Who does POWER CORD modifications??

I have a piece of equipment that has a hard wired "zip cord" and would like to convert to a removeable cord of much better caliber. The back of the case will have to be modified of course and I want a professional job done. As an alternative, I thought that I might just have the new cord hard wired which would probably be easier and in fact should sound better. I think that a company called MSB? does aftermarket mods. I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance and best regards!
Ive used a small electronics shop in Berkeley Cal,called Handy Electronics. Contact me via email if you are interested. He has done 3 of my pieces and the work was top notch and inexpensive. between $50-$80 including parts.

Email Don at Granite Audio ...www.graniteaudio.com
he should be able to help you

Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound can help.
He has been a former technical advisor at Wadia and
Audio Research. http://www.greatnorthernsound.com/
For someone who's experienced at installing an IEC socket in the chassis so that you can use a removeable cord, that's probably not much more work than hardwiring a cord. I've hardwired cords into amplifiers I've owned... and yes, I'd agree that hardwiring tends to produce better sound quality. (But it sure is inconvenient to spend big $$ for a power cord and then have it bound to one piece of equipment.) If you do have an IEC socket installed, you might make sure the installer also runs good wire within the chassis between the IEC socket and the power switch.
Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. Bill if a former engineer designer at Conrad Johnson. Bill will also do power supply upgrades, if he feels it will be an improvement. That website is:


I'm in the process of cutting the chasis of VTL Deluxe 100 with diamond dust coated saw in order to mount IEC plug. I will use Marnico plugs. I know it's going to take a bunch of time like eating a big bowl of soup with the teaspoon.