Who else can't sleep the night before their fancy new gears arrive?

I have a BMC Ultradac arriving tomorrow and knowing me, I'll be awake all night. I'll be lucky if I get 3 hrs of sleep. 


I do not get to worked up. I have 2 new components that arrived this week and they are sitting in my office. I will not be installing for another week or 2. Helps that I am out of town on business, but no big deal. It will be there when I get home and I will have things to do before the installs. 

@tump350 Thanks man.

@agisthos Yea I have the matching amp. The picture a little above your post is that amp. Be wary the C1 is its own integrated thing and doesn’t necessarily benefit from a BMC dac, All other BMC amps do.

About your pre-amp question, if you use headphones, 100% get this. I’m not aware of anything better. If you have a matching BMC amp, 100% get this as well. You can say the amp is handicapped until it is unlocked via the CI link. Other than that, maybe a direct talk with BMC can yield more result than me.

Do look into the Sonnet Morpheus though. Based on what I’ve read, it is a stupendous dac with a stupendous pre-amp.

@elliottbnewcombjr "I thought Pratt Institute had made a mistake admitting me"
probably gonna be the most humble thing I see today. Haha love it. I can say since you worked your butt off, They didn't make a mistake in the end. I guess more college should accept "mistake students" =P

So, my repaired sub finally arrived after a weeklong journey where it shouldn't have been. The box was completely destroyed and there was some type of liquid spilled on the box. The driver said it looked like some detergent, he offered to return it. I asked him if I could open the box to check for damage. And.. at this point everything seems to be ok.

So much for the waiting and anticipation.


A week ago a beautiful Aavik U-150 w/  dac and mc phono preamp  was delivered....Georgeous piece...It's sitting on the dining room table for me to look at and touch everytime I walk by it. I'm afraid to hook it up....I just want to look at this beauty like a fine piece of artwork......:>)