Who else can't sleep the night before their fancy new gears arrive?

I have a BMC Ultradac arriving tomorrow and knowing me, I'll be awake all night. I'll be lucky if I get 3 hrs of sleep. 


Don't think I qualify. Had cataract surgery March 15th and soon after noticed a nice deal on a CJ amp. It's been sitting in the box in my entranceway for about 12 days now. In a couple more days with a friends help it should be safe enough to lift it up to my music room. 

Been sleeping just like always.



I sleep the night before, but I do have a Christmas Eve sort of feeling. It's good fun.

@lpretiring I commend you for having the ability to leave out anything CJ related in your driveway, or anything for that matter, for 12 days.   I could never do that in my hood. 


Oh my gosh...NO, perhaps I misspoke. I had the seller ship the amp with signature required. This way I couldn’t be left with a box outside I’d been advised not to lift. Then a beautiful sob story and $5 later the box was inside my house in an area leading into my living room.

Up to now I’ve never had a package stolen but this would be one of the last shipments I would tempt fate with.




@lpretiring .  Hope you're having a speedy recovery so you can get back to your tunes, and that CJ amp!  Enjoy!

The BMC Ultradac looks stunning IMO. My excitement is usually drowned out because of irrational anxiety that the purchase is damaged during shipment or DOA. This all began many years ago after receiving a speaker that was literally broken in half by UPS. 

At my age I'm sound asleep by 10 every night. I could be having a Ferrari delivered the next day and I'd still be asleep by 10, but I WOULD be up before dawn to start playing with it!

Or the day(s) after!

My first 'system' from Sam Goody, 1967 with wedding money: TT, AR-2ax Speakers; Fisher 200T SS receiver.

Promised delivery, looking out the window, oh yeah, there's the truck! TT, Speakers, NO Receiver. 

Phones broken all the time in Brooklyn, walk down to Myrtle Ave, pay phone, promises, promises, finally receiver arrives a few days later.

My new Harbeth SL5PLUS XDs arrive tomorrow and I’ll sleep just fine.  Thank you beer! 😂

This just demonstrates how we are ruled by the sub-conscious.  Such irrational excitement goes a long way to explain reinforcement syndrome because we WANT the new piece to sound better.

Beware, and try to be objective.  But actually there is nothing we can do about it.

For new audio toys I basically refresh the online shipment tracking page relentlessly.

@roxy54    Not really.  Perhaps regrettably I speak the truth on this.  It is others who persistently refresh the erroneous notion that the sound we perceive is the same as that which leaves the speakers.  As I say elsewhere here recently, hearing and, more importantly, listening are not purely mechanical functionalities, inconveniently for those who would like things straightforward the brain lies in between the ears and the perception of the sound.

I record The Science Channel’s How the Univierse Works on my DVR and turn it on when I can’t sleep. I usually make it about 7 1/2 minutes in before falling asleep. Works everytime. More powerful than Hf-fi anticipation -- or, regret.


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@elliottbnewcombjr .....wedding money? *L*

How that was rationalized is a tale to be told...;)


Got married 1967, age 19, had a kid at 20, not exactly a adult wedding decision

this was the 60's man, LPs cheap, new music all the time, and I worked/listened all night all the frigging time because I thought Pratt Institute had made a mistake admitting me. That school was as hard as you made it, and I made it HARD.

Alison Steele (nightbird); Cousin Brucie, 'Palisades Amusement Park; 'Nobody Walks, Money Talks at Denison Clothes' still bouncing around my brain.

Palisades Amusement Park

Palisades has the rides, Palisades has the fun

Come on over

Shows and dancing are free, so's the parking, so gee

Come on over

Palisades from coast to coast, where a dime buys the most

Palisades Amusement Park, swings all day and after dark

Ride the coaster, get cool, in the waves in the pool...you'll have fun!!!

So come on over…


 - A true Blast From The Past!


After reading and re-reading your last post I'm still not certain that I understand what you're trying to say, but I believe that you are trying to quantify a purely emotional experience with logical reasoning, and I don't think that can be done.

@bianchi27 i've taken off work to go pick up a pair of speakers at a trucker's depot 90 minutes away because i had zero faith in my speakers arriving on my porch unharmed.   glad i did it, too.  they were still strapped to a pallet unscathed. 

@roxy54     Sorry, I'm certainly not intending to be obtuse but it's an important point I am trying to make.  I am not trying to quantify anything.

If you refer to my contributions to the current string about the poll on sound perception of changes in power cords, it may become clearer.  In that debate the question is whether people hear such changes.  I am pointing out that any change in the sound caused by changes of power cords will emerge from the speakers.  But what we receive from our hearing is not the same as what emerges from the speakers.  It is that, plus the changes made by our conscious and sub-conscious brain input.  Such changes are caused by all sorts of factors, but mainly centering around mood, in its widest connotation.  In the same way we do not experience exactly the same taste from the same food and wine every time we consume it.  Sometimes it tastes better than usual and sometimes duller.  You might suggest that bottles of wine that are adjacent in the case can vary (not by simple being faulty) and indeed they can (especially pinot noir), but the changes we perceive go a long way beyond that.  Sometimes a scene in a film or play (or a piece of music for that matter) may make us cry.  But another time it won't.  But what was on the screen or the speakers is just the same.


I understand what you're saying in the context of that thread, but this one is about the emotion of joyful anticipation, and in that context I don't understand your original comment.

@roxy54   I'm saying the same thing in both places.  But I agree it's more to the point in the other thread.

Joyful anticipation is a worthwhile experience by itself, but necessarily ends on connecting the new equipment (as it's no longer anticipation).  If this thread ends at that point then there is nothing else to say, save of course that when the new piece was demmed my previous comments apply.

In 2017, I waited 6 months for my speakers to be delivered. During that time, at least 2-3 times a week I could not stop thinking about them and could not sleep. As it got  closer and closer to my delivery date, I couldn’t get a decent nights sleep. I guess it goes with the territory.

I've been waiting for my repaired sub-woofer for over a week. It looks like it started out with the wrong address and now Fed Ex can't seem to find it.

Every day I get an email that it will be delivered but it never does. I and the shipper have called Fed Ex daily.

I know it's because of Covid...


"Was that the door bell?" "Out of my way, look out! "Nobody move"  I'll get that it's for me!"🤪

👍 Joyful anticipation 🎉 definitely! Hard worked for, heavily researched… the greatest things of life. 


@toro3 Yea it is a beautiful piece. But I don’t agree with some of the design language and there are quite a few things I would change about it. Like too many buttons on the beautiful frontplate. Nothing I’d need to press that I can’t do with the remote. I'm actually thinking of ways to hide all the buttons and still keep it cosmetically pleasing. 

@agisthos "For new audio toys I basically refresh the online shipment tracking page relentlessly."

haha this is so me. I laughed and looked to the side when I read this.

I was sitting on the front deck as I was stalking the DHL van location on my phone.

@clearthinker I don’t intend to debate what you are saying. But what you are saying doesn’t apply to my specific situation. The amp I have and the DAC I bought are meant to go together. You can say it was "mandatory" to buy the dac. There’s an optical cable that does not carry audio signal, that cable connects the dac to the amp to unlock a current-injection function and allow the amp to perform optimally the way it was designed.

Please disregard my basic stock cable, I’m awaiting delivery of a better one =P

@samureyex +1, I have the UltraDac and have been enjoying it alot for about 2 years. Everytime I time I think about ’upgrading’ it, I conclude that any difference in sq will be too slight or subjectively different to make it worth while; meaning, I really like the UltraDac.

Ohh, and I obsessed for about a week before I got it and still do with this that or the other possible tweak. Besides the other stuff I did, I found that an etherregen, silver XLR’s and a Zafino PC substantially improved imaging, soundstage and bloom (which for me happens when micro resonances are abundant and believable).

@tump350 Ah, another ultra owner. We are a rare breed =)
I really like it too. I am planning to exploit its fabulous headphone output and maximize my purchase *insert evil laugh* Muahahahaha.

I have a few questions and will PM you in a minute, hope you don't mind.

Sometimes the anticipation and wait for the new gear ends up being more exciting and satisfying than the product itself.

@samureyex      I'm sorry, I'm unclear what point you are trying to make, but I'm sure you will perceive your new power cord seems way better than the stock item.

@samureyex You have the matching BMC amp to go with the DAC? I remember when this brand dropped about 10 years ago and it was very well regarded, in both performance and price. But I have not seen basically any reviews since then.

The DAC really interests me because I want a DAC+analog volume control in one box. What is the volume control like on this compared to a normal preamp?


Geez, I think a certain member here may be an emotionless cyborg.

The 'Buzz Killington' model...

Not me.. I bought an accuphase e280...it's still sitting in the box. I can't bring myself to install it right now...too much to disconnect. At least I own it...well, the credit card company really owns it lol.

I do not get to worked up. I have 2 new components that arrived this week and they are sitting in my office. I will not be installing for another week or 2. Helps that I am out of town on business, but no big deal. It will be there when I get home and I will have things to do before the installs.