Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?

Although I have changed my system substantially in recent years, I still retain both speaker cables and interconnects that I have owned for ~15 years. I use Audience Au24E speaker cables and RCA interconnects, and a Virtual Dynamic David XLR between my DAC and integrated amp.

The system sounds very good, and I am not inclined to make any changes to the cables. Having said that, though, if anyone has used similar cables and found big steps forward without breaking the bank, I'd be interested to read about your experiences.

More broadly, I would enjoy hearing about cables that other members have stuck with for years.
Still using Cardas Cross Link 6.5 ft speaker cables since 1995 Kimber Illuminati D60
on Sony CDP707esd since 1990 and Audioquest Diamond Back interconnects since 2014.

Late entry: Still using TG Audio HSR speaker cables, SLVR pc and High Purity i/c’s. 

some of my favorite interconnects are still straightwire maestro’s and purist audio colossus and musaeus from the 90’s... modern ic's may equal but won't eclipse for performance

I have 2 BMI Whale Elite power cords 20+ years old, I have 4 Shunyata Black Mamba Power cords, I have a Synergistic Reference Master coupler and i have a Illuminato Orchid digital cable all also 20 years old.