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What are your I2S cable recommendations?
No, I got a Tubulus Argentus instead I found used. I have nothing to compare it to one and done.  
recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)
I was going to mention the VAC 170i  
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
What about a Prima Luna integrated?  
Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp
@dsrobert  Yes, I use the Wavelet II as an external crossover and for the Room correction, it does an amazing job for that. Yes, I use a VAC Renaissance 70/70 Signature amp on top. I am saving for an Aric Audio amp to replace it. My VAC amp is get... 
Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp
@soix   I didn't dig that deep into that aspect, I am just going off of my personal experience with the Focus XD's. Prima Luna makes a Tube hybrid integrated that is well within his budget that may work better. Primaluna EVO 300 Hybrid will have t... 
What is going on here? Streamer or DAC?
FWIW I had skipping, lags when I had a Cambridge CXN V2 into my Venus II DAC. When I switched to the Aurender N200 which cache's into internal memory that problem disappeared.   
Legacy Focus 20/20 Speakers AMP/Pre Amp
I can attest to the Legacy's loving tubed amplification. Those 20/20 are 96 Db sensitive and can mate with tubed amps @ 20wpc  easy.  I have the new Focus XD's with the Wavelet. A nice  tubed integrated with them would be fantastic. An option woul... 
Obvious Epiphany
My ancient VAC Cla1 MK III pre amp has two volume controls, one for each channel. It's easy to make adjustments if needed.  
Should I bypass my Shunyata Hydra power conditioner?
@jafant Me! Original Hydra on all but amp.  I also still have 4 Black mamba PC's too.    
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
People are suggesting $25,000 ATC’s (ATC SCM50ASLT) the OP requested $15k price ceiling. Which is why I suggested Legacy Focus XD's, they are a hell of a value for that $.  
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
I will echo a 3rd recommendation for Legacy Audio Focus, 95+ dB sensitive or at $15,200 a pair of the Focus XD's which have an internal Icepower 750 WPC amp, You can bi amp them with your tube amp and they will sound sweet and rock the house. You ... 
Best Used Speaker Under $4,000 w/ Respectable Lows
You can buy a brand new pair of Goldenear Trition 1.r for $4500 right now. They were $8000. Discontinued.  
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
@audphile1  You have a way with words. 😂  
Help with speaker selection
I re read your OP. @hk_fan I also researched your implied speakers, and I agree with @mikekollar You should research the Legacy Audio Speaker line. Your JC1’s will drive them just fine, Suggest you consider the Focus XD with Wavelett II or if yo... 
Streamer/DAC Recommendations w Wavelett II
No sorry, the amp went out all by itself. When I first got the Focus, in August I didn't have the Wavelet yet. I just bi amped them with the internal crossover. Then when I got the wavelet i forgot to adjust BOTH switches for the use of the extern...