Who has a 2nd Graham Phantom armwand?

Just wondering from inmates who have a 2nd Phantom armwand.

How robust is arm in unscrewing and screwing etc when swapping arms over ?.

I realise you will need to adjust the tracking weight, VTA, azimith on magnaglide etc - however unscrewing the actual arm wand has me somewhat worried.

I only have one armwand. I did swapp cartridges a few times. The armwand is very strong, but of course you do it gently. Don't force it. That said, if you swap armwand so often like changing records on your TT, then I would opt for a second arm.
See a picture from my Ceramic Armwands

Graham Phantom Armwands

I use them for comparisons, I changed them many times in the Phantom, never had any problem. Very solid and reliable.
When switching mine only tighten the collar ever so slightly. This helps with ease of switching.

Once you do it a couple of times you can feel it seat into the Bendix connector . My thinking is your not putting unnecessary pressure on any part of the arm while trying to loosen it.
In other words if the collar is tight each and every time sooner or later something is going to happen.

I'm sure the arm tubes are fairly robust as Syntax points out however I have broken things in the past.
Hi Stiltskin,

well, the next step after "tight" is "broken".:-)
Anyway, I will order another Titan Armutube for the Phantom II, it is a good one.
There's an old maxim when tinkering with cartridges and tonearms, "tighten up until you strip the thread, then back off half a turn!!"
Strip the thread, Maybe a pipe wrench if you like that much tightness, I heard somewhere some owners have accidentally dropped their ceramic arm tubes not only breaking the arm tube but also wrecking their cartridge.

I once rammed an outer platter ring into my arm snapping the tip off my cartridge a while ago.
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