Who likes the hegel but found something even better?

I have been a fan of hegel amp and is using their h190 currently. Fans of hegel will like their neutral, slightly smooth presentation and great bass control. I personally love it for its low power usage (idle at 30+w if I remember correctly)

It suits me because most of my speakers go well with it.

as a side note:

- ATC scm11, Amphion argon 1 are great matches,
- p3esr XD and Falcon ls3/5a gold are good matches because they seem to be highly transparent and hegel smoothen them nicely
- my previous falcon ls3/5a silver and graham ls6 are average match with it since the speakers are smooth on their own and hegel didn't really wake them up.

now, I am not looking for something that matches my graham ls6. Rather, I'm looking for someone who found great success with hegel but went on to replace them with something even better.
I have spent some time with the H390.  The closest I can think to it that has that clean and smooth sound, at a moderate step up, Chord's Ultima line.  It is clean and clear.  Highly resolving and accurate.  It is the tiniest bit forward.  

At a level above that, MSB.  MSB amps are some of the clearest and most resolving I have heard.  They are brilliant and work well with fast and highly transparent and detail oriented speakers like Vivid.  

I am a chord dealer.  I have no affiliation with MSB.