Who loves their Pathos Logos MkII and why?

I’ve got a Pathos Classic One MKIII and I like it. But have become intrigued with the Logos. Any thoughts, insights will be appreciated. I’m moving on from years of feeding my too costly vintage tube gear habit. I also am scaling way back in all areas of my life. It feels great.

Thank you.
I had a Logos MKII and it was wonderful once I got about 600 hours on it.

Sounded great and has kick ass style but in the end a Twin Towers Inpol won me over.

What speakers did you run with the Logos MKII and now with the Twin Tower Inpol?  My primary speakers are Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage, nominal impedance 6 ohm and about 86 db.
I have SF Olympica Nova III and Raven Audio CeLest Towers 4ohm 92db and they are haunting in their clarity, speed, soundstage and depth. One of the most under rated speakers on the planet.

I will have a set of their CeLest Monitors to review in 3 weeks. 
@earlflynn You’ve got a lovely array of components.

You said with regard to the Pathos: "Sounded great and has kick-ass style"
Can you please elaborate? Soundstage, imaging, dimensional, etc?

When you say kick-ass, I take that to mean "punchy," authoritative, and big bass.
Is that correct? Thanks.

I should add that with a small REL sub in my small listening room even when paired with Maggie .7, the Cassic One MkIII does a nice job.  Sure the sub helps, but still...