Who repair vintage turntables?

I have a Dual CS5000 that suits my needs, but the tonearm may need to be restrung, I'm picking up a little hum that I don't seem to remember being there.

Also, a friend of mine has an old 1228 that has never seen service. All his records are in mint condition, and he doesn't trust it any more, but he would like to see if it could be revived.

We have both gone though the process of evaluating suitable replacements, however the cost is something neither of us can justify, but if we recondition own now, it would service our needs.

This would have to be a professional service, someone who does this for a living, and can warranty their work.

Any suggestions?
Thanks Sugarbrie, Tiger, for all your input.
I got an email from Todd the Vinyl Junkie, he has Demo VPI Scouts, so I made the plunge, I can't wait! I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas!
Unless you can 'walk' a table in for repair it is not cost effective to repair. Even then, repairs are often worth the cost. Recently I had a quote of $650 to repair a Sony x700, assuming the parts could be found. Replacements do come along for about $300 in the auction sites, often with local pick up possible, again the only safe way to acquire a table. However, if the seller has all the original packing materials and boxes, it is often worth the try. With proper insurance the latter can lower the risk of loss.
Joel who owned and operated The Turntable Factory for 40 years recently passed away after a long illness.
I believe one of his employees still operates the business.
If not, they can probably point you to someone else.

There are a few others around. You might even try All In One Electronics in Canada. They are the North American distributor for Dual. They do repairs as well.