Who Tried Power Conditioners Over The Years and No Longer Use Them Today, Any Why?

Been thinking back to when I started in Audio and how good the system sounded with no power conditioners or fancy power cords. Then in the '90s slowly they both became a huge profit market for stores and manufacturers of them. If you used one on front end gear only or whole systems I will be interested in your real-world experience you could share with us all. I have a few so I am not against them, but I do at times have questions. 
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PowerVAR is what I have. Also my strero system is on a dedicated circuit with 2X 30 amp circuits, so basically I can run all of my equipment 

I used to work on electronics and daw 1st had what happens to cash registers when not on a power conditioner. They might or might not help the sound of the system but protect against power surges.y power goes from 121 to 127

  It was eyebrow raising to read one article after another with Michael Fremer's power troubles in Stereophile. I wasn't at all surprised that he found what he did as technitians, electricians and more investigated his house power starting from the AC transformer supplying his house. And then there was the generator switch, or whatever.

  >>>> So,   after years of applauding different audio devices whether they be related to AC power or not, should we believe it?<<<< He had the worst case scenerio, maybe. I think that what I found before having my home rewired, my incoming AC replaced and much more still makes me wince.


  It is all like driving on bad roads with your new Farrari!

That would be me.


Although I do not live a condo type building and do have dedicated


From what I can discern, AQuest Niagra and Shunyata are the top

contenders if you need one.