Who used and Freya S and stayed with it ?

im curious to who got one and kept it and what you ran before and if you didn't keep it what you went to after.

I was going to buy another NAD pre but decided I didn't want to buy a another of the same pre (160.162.165 ) that was all the same and the price on them is now near as much as a freya S.  I chose the Freya cause of the warranty and the new factor. 

I like the NAD sound but its iffy on reliability and the other option was the C368 but I didn't need intergrated as I have amps already sitting around. 

the freya S is no longer in production and when stock is out that is it.  
Try the Freya + as it's only slightly more expensive. I have the original version and it's superb...stupendous...a marvel...astonishing...