Who Would You Spend A Day With - Pick Two

If you could spend an audiophile day with any two forum members, who would they be and why?

I will go first…

@almarg - He doesn’t seem to be active much anymore, but I always enjoyed his technical and practical perspective. I’d enjoy the opportunity to hear his system and learn some new things. 

@jasonbourne52 - I would be genuinely curious to do some listening with him to better understand his perspective.  Am I 100% certain that I am hearing differences that he can’t or is there something else going on.

There’s quite a few others that would be high on my list, but I know that I don’t want any custom designed speakers if you know what I’m saying…


@arafiq I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy.
Do your own wet work.

All the best,

@thyname Yes ! I find myself doing this more, more, more… Keyboard warriors… meh… But i met some truly awesome people here….and building out the network by joining audio and music groups…. 

My doors are open to most… North San Diego or South Seattle.



I really enjoy a good wintry mix of old classics and fresh new material.  

After considerable thought my choices would be Elizabeth Hurley and Paige Spiranac.



 I would have to say Ozzy. He tells it like it is. I value his opinion on things and have tried several after reading his take on things with excellent results.