Why balanced outputs?

I'm considering upgrading my Magnum Dynalab FT 101A tuner to a Etude at a cost of $525. Additional options available are Kimber silver wire - $175, remote control - $475 and balanced outputs - $200. Understanding the advantage of the remote control and the Kimber silver wire, what advantage does the balance outputs offer? Any thoughts concerning the options mentioned above, will be much appreciated. ......Thanks ...... Catalogwiz
Balanced mode is used when there is a lot of radio frequency interference in your area and when you are using very long (greater than 20 feet) interconects to an amplifier. Balanced components are almost exclusivley used by professionals working with sound. The magic, in "truly balanced" components comes from something called "common mode rejection". This technique compares the positive and negative audio signal and filters out anything that is common to both. Normally, anything added to the audio signal (i.e. electrical interference, hum, buzzing, etc.) will be filtered out resulting in a very quiet signal. I may be wrong in some of these details but this is basically it.
I agree that all of the options listed above are useful and do make an improvement in FM sound and convenience of use. Balanced outputs, or anything else that improves common mode rejection, will decrease the overall noise "floor" and give a smoother and more dynamic sound, with extended and non-harsh high frequencies. RFI is found everywhere, to some degree, not just in urban areas, and that's just a fact of modern life. I have had two Fanfare tuners (FT-1, and FT-1A) and went with the Kimber KCAG internal silver wire option on the FT-1A; it was a very worthwhile upgrade. If you have qood quality FM stations nearby, it is very near CD quality sound, with a very extended and natural high end. Catalogwiz, when I add all the upgrade and option costs for your FT-101A, it is nearly the cost of a Fanfare FT-1A, with the optional Kimber internal wiring ($150)included; all else (remote, balanced outputs),is standard. You could buy one new, and sell the FT-101A, saving some money. Check their website ("www.fanfare.com")For what it's worth, I have liked the tuner enough to buy it twice, and I compared it to all in its price range. It has CD depth and soundstaging,and is an analog tuner,(with digital frequency lock), so no drift. Balanced outputs on this tuner provide better sound overall than the RCA outs, to a degree that not only an audiophile would notice. Good luck with your upgrades.