Why cables are made the way they are

At first you may think that this is stupid and not relevant, I mean what does HAM radio or antenna cable have to do with stereos? But if you pay attention you might just learn WHY different methods are used by manufacturers and were these ideas came from originally.
You may also notice about dielectrics and shielding, also Information on stray or spurious signals entering your phonograph needle and so on. I actually found a lot of information that would help when creating a DIY project like the speaker cable project was introduced just this last week. You don' thave to know what the Half lambda is or SWRs. With just a tiny bit of imagination you can' translate that to your 8 ohm speakers and your speaker cable. Similarly your interconnects and the impedance of your AMP.
I must remind you that wen talking about cables, don't ever think that '0' is the best possible choice. Matching Inductance, resistance, or capacitance is your goal. and I can' tell yo that by applying this information yo can blow the doors off of those videos that claim that cables DON'T matter.