Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?

I have had a couple of mid to low priced DAC's. Schiit Modi, Schiit multibit in a card. Topping E30. all inexpensive I know. Am I not spending enough money? I have heard a Schiit Bifrost, I did like it. I am currently using a Topping Octo with the Schiit Midgard for headphones. This has been my best combination to date for a all in under $1000 us. The Octo has good instrument separation and the soundstage is expansive. The Octo does not have that harsh semblance I can not stand. What would be my next upgrade? 



I think you’ve confused R-2R (resistor ladder) with R to R (reel to reel). This thread is about digital to analog conversion.


From reading your original post it sounds like you’re happy with what you already have- what’s wrong with that? 


I’m quite surprised nobody has mentioned the Denafrips dacs at this price point and for the post that says chipsets aren’t that good I have no problem with my Tad d1000

I can say, I didn't expect so many responses. I have learned so much from this community. Thank you all. 

Another DAC that can sometimes be found used that is simply amazing to my ears, and to many on Agon and other forums - is an Okto Research DAC8 Stereo. Not at all sibilant, very natural, engaging, nuanced, expansive, dynamic, incredibly detailed. Many find as good or even better than many d/s or r2r dacs way up to even 5k. Having had both types, and can attest to that. Ultimately, it’s way more about the design and output stage than the chip type. Even though higher end r2r does lend noticeably more stage (in general).