Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?

Guys I have noticed that certain members start with technical back and forth in discussions which look like they are self serving, to prove how smart or knowledgable they are, rather then forwarding the OP's original question.

Shouldn’t these discussions be moved into a separate post about technical stuff ie the techical merits of bibolar vs mosfets for example, if these members want to do that?

I think most member don’t care if a Krell amp uses brand x or y for transistors vs a Pass or any other amp, I think most people are more concerned with what the sonic differences there are vs specific technical arguments that are not related to the sonic flavor or design methodologies that these product use to produce their sound, what do you guys think?
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There's no sincerity starting this thread whatsoever, and I ditto that this thread should be under the topic, tech talk, not amps-preamps. Its obvious whats really going on here. Of all people to bring up these tech issues regarding sonic performance, when he already knows the answer's since he owns a high end retail store, give me a break. This is simply nothing more than another angle for audiotroy to throw out his fish net to lure more customer's into his store. JohnnyR at Audio Connection doesn't play this game. What a shill.
'Disagreement and argument accomplishes nothing?' Audio sonics is very subjective. What sounds great for one many not for another. So, read the suggestions and experiment.
If I were trying to sell high end stuff on these forums based on anecdotal subjective sonic performance then I would not welcome technical comments, as it confuses the buyer.
Indeed, the recurring crackpot argument is that scientific facts do not exist and that you should follow your subjective impressions. That makes people easy targets for snake oil sellers (many of them here) and audiophilia nervosa, leading to frequent buying and selling of vastly overpriced gear.