Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?

Any comments as to why Macs come with el-chepo remotes?
Somehow this just doesn't fit with the notion of elegant and robust gear.

As a ten dollar watch from  Walmart keeps time just as well as a 3K Tag it hardly seems an analogy to audio .
And expensive watches are NOT jewelry but ego trips , usually seen on wrists of insecure people which is often an analogy to Audio purchases .
I am surprised to read so many just don't care about the remotes. I for one do. The remote is an extension of the piece I just purchased. The design, quality and functionality should be equal to the piece. My pre-amp is in the six grand range and the remote in the ten dollar range. Many years ago I was a house painter. I painted the inside of closets to the same quality as I painted the room. Did most people care? No but I cared. Every aspect of my work should be at the same quality. This isn't a hard concept to grasp and the manufactures should wake up to this.
Totally agree with the OP! A quality remote should be part of the experience of using a high cost component. 

A few years ago I was car shopping and looked at Mercedes Benz. While it drove nice, inside were buttons and knobs that, to me, were made of cheap plastic and did not feel "right" compared to the rest of the car. Needless to say, I passed on buying it. 


Your comments are surprisingly ignorant and vitriolic. Having been in jewelry and watch retail for many years, I can assure you that there is a larger percentage of fine watch buyers/collectors who purchase their watches for their own enjoyment than those who do so to impress others, although those people certainly exist, and some actually admit to that motivation.

There is a certain group of people, usually but not always men, who have a great respect for the design and workmanship involved in fine watches. We should all be thankful for these people, because without them, this great art would certainly die. An analogy could be made with vinyl records and fine turntables.  

I just don’t understand any of this...the HR085 remote I have is head and shoulders over any remote I’ve ever owned...and I’m a 64 year old audiophile 😆