Why do people like reel to reel players?

do They sound all that much better than the other stuff?

they look very cool and remind me of language class when I was younger which was the only place I saw them used. It’s like a record player mounted on the wall where you can watch something spin.

It seems a bit impractical to get the tapes and then to mount them all the time. Cassette players seem a lot better. Cassettes used to be a bit easier to get. Not sure they’re even available anymore. I remember they were double sided just flip them over.


"I like reel to reel because of the expense and inconvenience of the format."

Vinyl too ..

I like it because of its exclusivity, no one else has one.

Even in the 1970’s when I bought my first one, it was even a very exclusive item back then.

Mine is pretty much an art piece among my system that serves no real purpose other than to look beautiful and impressive.