Why does it take so long to get stuff?

So I ordered some speakers from my hifi dealer - $4500 ProAC’s. I was told they would be 3-5 weeks for delivery. Now I love the audio store and value the dealer network but in this day and age why does anything take 5 weeks. I went with the ProAc due to the dealer support etc but an alternative was a Buchardt speaker. 

Buchardt was $2500, gets great reviews, and arrives in 1-4 days anywhere in the world. 

In the UK the ProAC speakers are, in todays Exchange rates, roughly $3300. Now I don’t mind the mark up (but it’s a lot). Now assuming the dealer has them in stock why can’t they direct ship to me, or the store in 48 hours. I think it’s time the traditional manufacturers started adopting this style of approach - everyone in the chain can still get their mark up - but customers who be able to get what they want quicker. 

This delay is just making me question my purchase — I guess I’m too impatient but it’s the reality of commerce these days. 



I was going to try and order a personalized Sugden A21 integrated amp with a colored faceplate but the seller said that would take 'months' so I bought their demo model with the standard silver faceplate and got it in a few days with a discount. I'm not willing to wait months to get a piece of equipment. Silver or blue--it's a great amplifier!

@ghdprentice i guess I’d expect the distributors to take on that risk until a direct ship model could work. 

@jond - ironically my default purchase for equipment is to find a local manufacturer and try and buy there products but local retailers are 100% important. The value of the relationship is greater than any savings I can get from the savings (which is a personal decision). 

I am going to suggest to my store to do a hifi day where it’s all about teaching. 



@bluorion - I’m pretty sure someone is about to jump in here and say blue sounds better as it reflects electromagnetic signals better :). 

I’ve been struggling not to go and buy speakers I can get now :)