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Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
How ridiculous would this sound if we were talking about a food review at a restaurant? The chef going online and arguing with food reviewers about how he makes his apple pie. We’ve all seen negative restaurant reviews before and sometimes the res... 
Yello - Reel to Reel
Wow! Thanks for posting this--Yello is indeed underrated. Boris Blank's production is incredible. Toy and Flag are two of my fav albums. I hope more groups from the 80s/90s continue to remaster and re-release back catalogs. I'm also looking forwar... 
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
I've had various Radio Shack all-in-one systems in my teens. Then I got a JC Penny MCS component system in the early 80s. Then once I found the local hifi shops, I started experimenting with various receivers and tape decks then CD players. I've h... 
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
@immatthewj Not really.   
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
Does this apply to integrated amps as well? I've done both--plugged them into the wall and conditioners. I've never had any hum issues with current int amps or vintage.  
New SS integrated choice....Rotel 1572Mk2, Audiolab 7000A, Exposure 2510
I have a Sugden A21 (class A) which is superb and has a MM phono stage---I'd say it's pretty close or equal to the Exposure. IMO, you can go wrong with British audio equipment. That being said, I also have a Belles Aria integrated which is also an... 
Getting into vinyl for the first time
Congrats on your new TT! Buying vinyl takes me back to the 80s when record stores were everywhere! Main thing is to have fun! Here's my two cents: check out some accessories (you may have them already): stylus cleaner, record cleaner, maybe an upg... 
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Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind  
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
I love music and gear---I enjoy trying new things whether it's speakers, cables or whatever. Even on a college budget, I used to try new equipment that my buddies at the local hifi store would let me borrow for a few days or so. I would put gear o... 
You tube hifi influencers. Love them or hate them?
Does anyone know what happened to Markonhifi?? He had some good reviews and his channel was growing----then poof! He suddenly disappeared. Very odd.  
You tube hifi influencers. Love them or hate them?
I agree with most of the opinions here. Some of the British reviewers are quite good--I like them better than some of the ones over here. I really despise the reviewers who claim they have found their 'end system' only to review new components a m... 
Stuff You Tried To Love
I purchased an NAD integrated and CDP from a reputable online store a few years ago when I started building my second system. They were the most bland sounding components I've ever owned. Thank goodness the store had a great return policy---I coul... 
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I was looking at McIntosh gear a few years ago when I was shopping for a new integrated. But they are quite deep in length and wouldn't fit on my audio racks. I ended up getting a Luxman instead.  
OCD mickey website and negativity.
I enjoy his reviews---he's a breath of fresh air and I appreciate his honesty when it comes to reviews. I believe he truly tries to help people. Speaking of reviewers, does anyone know what happened to Markonhifi??? He completely disappeared from ... 
Does a turntable mat make any difference?
It's not a huge change in sound but I replaced my original felt pad on my VPI with a rubber one. It did help reduce the static electricity I got with the felt pad.