Why does the Sunfire TGA 5200 Amp Sound So Good?

I am using the Sunfire TGA 5200 with Emerald Physics SC2 Speakers and I am blown away by the sound quality.

Previous amps:

Similar great performance but with different sound attributes (but ran hot for my room):

McCormick DNA-225 Platinum Mod By SMc Audio

Belles 350A Reference (not as good as the DNA-225 Mod), but great upper bass.

Not as Good:

Wyred 4 Sound 2 X 125, 2 X 500 Watt 4 channel

Ayre V-3

Linn Klodt

Jolida 302B (tube)

Jolida 1000B (tube)

PrimaLuna Hifi DiaLogue Two Integrated Amp(tube)
Owning a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200X5 I would agree that a portion of the amazing sound is the tracking downconverter. The other real beauty is that sunfire amplifiers never seen to product anything more than room temp heat. This clearly has an affect on the sound of the unit. I have experimented with many other amplifiers, Acurus, Aragon, Classe and to me the Sunfire makes then all second class. Not that they are Best Buy electronics, but next to the Sunfire, no competition. The other and not to be overlooked attribute is that all Sunfire amplifiers as my knowledge takes me conform to OHM's law of doubling the power output as the impedance halves, this is the hallmark of a world class amplifier.

I my humble opinion Sunfire amplifiers will run with amps costing 2, 3, 4 or even many times more than their cost.

Thanks to Bob Carver.
You think the amp sounds good now? Do two things:

1. Get another amp, and run one channel through each amp.

2. Get a Marigo Ultra 5 power cord for each amp.

You will not believe the sound coming out of your speakers.
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I take it you use 4 of the Sunfire's 5 channels to bi-amp your Emerald Physics CS2's?

I've been trying to figure out what amp to use with my new Mirage OMD-15s, which are also bi-wirable/ampable. I may have to look into the Sunfire.