why dsd

Until a few days ago, i had never heard of dsd. Apparently it was developed thru sony/philips and used as the foundation for super audio. Why is everyone so hyped on this. I have had a sony 9100es for several years and have a handful of discs. Big deal. I am selling the damn thing and will toss in the discs if anyone is interested. I get the waive stuff bla bla bla. Yes- digital can sometimes sound bad, but have you ever listened to a poorly engineered record. Ugh. Less to do with the medium and more to do with the recording

My MAc mini into my C2 sounds good and upgraded spotify is great.

We are so caught up in hype. We split hairs over everything and talk about stuff that only an electrical engineer gets. We call 4k budget gear! Are you kidding me???

Music is something that touches your soul, and we don't listen in a perfect room with a lab coat on. If my foot taps then I'm happy.

I am trying to buy a dac with pre and HT pass, not because I am going to squeeze an additional drop of shimmer out of my system, but because I need something easier for my family to use.

Stop buying into hype! Records sound great but digital is more convenient and has opened the door to a world of music that should blow you away. If you are more concerned with being sold than just enjoying the music then you are missing the point.

Any thoughts on a dac/pre combo with bypass :-)
dont be mean- I love it all- Have been into audio since I was 12 and I'm almost 50- My dad was an original audiophile and more home was music 24/7

I have never owned a receiver, not even at 12. I troll AG and drool at all the great stuff. I just don't buy into some of the magic.

I'm sure if I could afford a 10k dac that I would buy one and appreciate it as well.
I am simply suggesting that there is only so much one can squeeze out of technology.

Are we simply not trying to achieve the effect of the real thing- Have not heard that yet, but that does not mean that I do not enjoy trying to recreate it or at least being happy with what I have.
Davt wins!! and i own the while album on vinyl and CS- plus mono box reissues
good thread and I did not mean to stir up haters- I spend good money on SACD and just did not appreciate what I paid for.

LOVE my records but I have had some my entire life and they just can't be played anymore.

I know that there will be some technology that will improve our experience and others that will not. A lot of this is personal. My ears vs yours.

I just feel that some things are simply shoved at us for the wrong reasons.
Redbook gets a bad reputation that's unfounded, it is a very good format as others here have noted. The root determining factor is quality of the recording process. If done with skill and concern the sound quality is quite good, natural and conveys much emotion. To be fair certain genres (jazz for example) consistently sound superior to most pop and rock recordings. It seems there's less temptation to process jazz and classical music, and certainly in general there's less compression utilized. With quality digital components 16/44 is very satisfying and very plentiful in choice, my library keeps expanding.
"02-06-14: Davt
Ok Zd542. I will do what you say right away."

I was just kidding. Sorry if you took it as anything else.