why dsd

Until a few days ago, i had never heard of dsd. Apparently it was developed thru sony/philips and used as the foundation for super audio. Why is everyone so hyped on this. I have had a sony 9100es for several years and have a handful of discs. Big deal. I am selling the damn thing and will toss in the discs if anyone is interested. I get the waive stuff bla bla bla. Yes- digital can sometimes sound bad, but have you ever listened to a poorly engineered record. Ugh. Less to do with the medium and more to do with the recording

My MAc mini into my C2 sounds good and upgraded spotify is great.

We are so caught up in hype. We split hairs over everything and talk about stuff that only an electrical engineer gets. We call 4k budget gear! Are you kidding me???

Music is something that touches your soul, and we don't listen in a perfect room with a lab coat on. If my foot taps then I'm happy.

I am trying to buy a dac with pre and HT pass, not because I am going to squeeze an additional drop of shimmer out of my system, but because I need something easier for my family to use.

Stop buying into hype! Records sound great but digital is more convenient and has opened the door to a world of music that should blow you away. If you are more concerned with being sold than just enjoying the music then you are missing the point.

Any thoughts on a dac/pre combo with bypass :-)
I'm on my third DAC, just recently purchased a MSB Analog DAC and I have been playing all types of file formats, 16 bit, 24 bit, with most of the various bit rates, and both PCM and DSD and I have also used several different player software programs including Decibel, JRiver, and Audirvana (my current player). My music server setup has also evolved to the point where I now run Audirvana on a Mac Mini and store all my music files on a 3TB external FireWire drive connected to the Mini.

In all instances, every time I compare a DSD 64 formatted song/album with the same music in any PCM format I have always liked the DSD version better. I don't know the technical reasons why that might be the case, but to me the DSD file format always sounds much more like vinyl. It doesn't sound exactly like vinyl but it has that relaxed, warm, musical sound that is just more fun to listen to and to me it just sounds more real.

Now, I always hunt for the the DSD version of any music before I buy downloads.
Hi Davt,
Have you given thought to returning to your initial system? If was far less money and most likely simpler. The systems that communicate emotion and make you happier are the best.
Wisnon wrote "... if you have a PS3 ripper, you can go buy tons of 2nd hand SACDs for cheap on Amazon and Ebay and rip away to build up an impressive DSD library."

I for one would love to get my hands on a PS3 ripper and rip DSD files from all the SACDs I already own, but the information I've found on the Web about how one actually goes about doing this is completely useless.

If anyone has a link to a step-by-step procedure that anyone can follow without having to be an Einstein, please share it! Because all of the so-called "how-to instructions" that I've seen about PS3 SACD ripping might as well be written in Klingon, that's how incomprehensible they are.
I would like to do this as well, but I hear you have to buy a certain PS3 at a certain date and have it altered. I think the work to do this is unbelievable. I would be glad to let someone do this for me for a fee.
Charles1dad, yes, I often think of simpler times. I figure that if I read enough reviews telling me what I am supposed to like I will eventually find the joy of youth. Actually, my current system sound so freaking good right now I will gladly suffer for a few more years as things sit. But no upgrades for a long long time. Even if they come out with a turntable for my car.