Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?

Yes tubes are more involved and require periodic maintenance. Hybrid tube components need not apply, these are really solid state.

Tubes are better for multiple reasons and yet the world and the trade prefers solid state. Those rare audio shops that are geared toward stereo listening and serious connoisseurs tend to Focus more on tubes.  Those in business who like to improve volumes tend to offer solid state.  All the YouTube channels looking to improve their business tend to be solid state.  Maybe because tubes require much more expertise to sell, and there's lesser and lesser to go around. Solid state is more of a fast food commodity.

Tubes are difficult for businesses due to all the maintenance and complexity so you see it less often. Much much easier to sell hybrids or solid state.




"I apologize for my two digit IQ. Purpose in my lead off post is to solicit comments from much brighter people than me to better understand merits of why tube amplifiers on balance seem to be preferred, after allowing for operating inconveniences."


That sounds so innocent and self-deprecating, but the fact is that you came right out and said that tubes were better than solid state. It wasn't just a question. Even now you say that reference systems using solid state components are likely not suitable for long term use. Your bias is clear but uninformed.

@ghdprentice You misinterpreted my point - by subjective I meant with your ears and heart, not measurements (which I made no mention of, but you subjectively jumped to). Net is - modern SS is simply better, better dynamics, better bass, more realistic. See your typical reference system and you’ll see; these folks can afford, Class A, Class A/B, SET, Push / pull, whatever and whan and what do they chose? a SS variant. ;-)

Many reference systems use tubes, and my personal reference system uses both tubes and transistors to produce music that to my ears is more realistic than otherwise, and my house is filled with musical instruments for "reference." There simply is no "net" better or worse based on what somebody can afford...serious pricey horn systems are generally powered by pricey tube amps. 

@wolf_garcia :

..serious pricey horn systems are generally powered by pricey tube amps. 

Good point and observation....👍

I've a pair of vintage Utah horns with their matching woofers that are driven with an ss amp and would agree they'd 'prefer' to be driven with a tube amp....and likely, the pre as well.

I snatched them up for being in flawless but dusty shape in trashed cabs for reference' sake.  In the era they were made, tubes were what they'd get attached to, and would perform best with.

Vague plans to treat them to a 'proper' amp at some point....