Recondition My Old Plinius M12 Preamp or Junk It For Something Better (and what)?

Age old story.  I had a dedicated music system and an HT System.  Moved to a condo where I had to combine both and put my Plinius SA100 MkIII and Plinius M12 in storage.  My HT set up is a Marantz 8801 with a Theta Dreadnaught 5 channel amp and a Mordaunt/short Performance 9 Sub.  All music is from my NAS through a Naim NDX streamer into the Marantz. I recently bought a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia III's and thought I would pull out the Plinius SA100 and M12 and hook up the SA100 to power the Focal's.  The M12 had a broken front switch from the movers not packing it well, so I got in touch with the maestro of Plinius upgrades, Vince Galbo, and sent both the SA100 and M12 to him -- the SA100 to do his special upgrades and replace the capacitors, and the M12 to fix the switch and check it out due to age.

Ok, here's the dilemma.  Vince told me that due to the age of the M12, it needs an $1100 upgrade which includes power supplies, and certain proprietary mods that he does with glowing results, after which it will give world class performance for many more years.  The M12 coupled with the SA100 sounded absolutely amazing in my music system.  Do I pay the $1100 or junk it in favor of something newer, and if so, what? My hesitation is that the M12 doesn't have an HT Bypass to facilitate plugging it into my HT system (which can be "worked around" by using a set of inputs to get signal from the Marantz for HT or with a switcher), it has no remote and will be in a glass enclosed rack, so adjusting the volume requires getting up and crossing the room, and the sub is currently managed by the Marantz, although the sub has separate line level inputs with adjustable crossovers that I could theoretically run from the Plinius M12.  So nothing insurmountable, but really wondering if it is worth giving a formerly fine but old preamp a new lease on life for $1100 or spend some more (and how much is necessary) for a newer preamp that is better suited to my current needs and will give better performance.  What do you all think? And what other preamp would you recommend?
We all hate to say good-bye to an old friend, but it seems clear that you have outgrown the M12. 
With the HT bypass and remote capabilities high on your priority list it would be in your best interest to get something that truly fits your needs. Otherwise you would always wish that you had.
About something to replace it, I can't help you there as I am not familiar with which preamps have the bypass feature.
Good luck, and get what really fits the bill and don't look back.
I say do the upgrade because what preamp are you going to find nearly as good for $1100? And I understand that might not be your budget for a new preamp, but you know you like the Plinius and in high end terms $1100 is not a huge outlay, guessing you would be spending at least $3K plus to equal the sound of what was a very nice SS preamp. Or just say the hell with it and get yourself some tubes already! ;)
@jond , that was really what I was thinking . . . I guess I have to look at what performance I am getting for $1100, not what it is worth on the used market.  I was contemplating a Classe 700, for example, something used in the 2000-3000 range.  Vince assures me that the upgraded Plinius will be world-class for another 15 years after the rebuild . . .

Just not a tube guy . . . They seem too high maintenance.  My solid state gear has always served me well.  Any suggestions for a potential replacement for the M12?  If not, I may have to rig up the bypass and just tough out the lack of remote.  :)
Vince Galbo upgraded and refreshed my Plinius SA100 and it sounds fantastic! Even better than newer SAXXX amps. More of the imaging, tonality and dynamics that made me live Plinius Amplifiers!

i imaging the Preamp mods are just as good. 
I would do the mod. You already know you like the sound of the M12, and that it pairs great with the SA100. For many audio nutz like us, finding a great amp/preamp combination often can be a long and expensive process. Why would you want to go through that? Given the ridiculous amounts of money that we pay to achieve the much sought after, but elusive state of audio Nirvana, $1,100 may not be a lot in the grand scheme of all things audio. Do the mod, be happy, and put the money you’ll save on a new preamp toward adding music to your library ... in the final analysis, music really is what it’s all about anyway.